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Quilted Home Goods, Fabrics by-the-yard, Ribbons by-the-yard

These are Faye Lone's original stitching designs.  Drawing with thread is one of her unique techniques.  These designs were crafted in a CAD software and adapted for long arm quilting.  This allows us to make many sizes of quilts for home usage.

Table Runner or Bed Scarf size shown above.

Bed Quilts

20-001 Smoke Dance. Queen size.  Off White with purple floral beadwork border $425

20-002 Smoke Dance.  Queen size.  Goldenrod with Turquoise floral beadwork border $425

20-003 Smoke Dance.  Queen size.  Blue with Blue floral beadwork border $425

20-004 Smoke Dance.  Queen size.  Red with Black floral beadwork border $425

We have two design sets quilts.  The design set in this video is called Pow Wow.  Colors vary.  $425

Pow Wow 19-001.  Queen size.  $425

Pow Wow 19-002.  Queen size. $425 

From the video.  Pow Wow 19-003 Queen size. $425

Fabrics sold by-the-yard $12/yd unless otherwise noted

Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds Lime

Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds Turquoise

Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds Cream

Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds Purple

Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds Pink

Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds Black

Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds Lemon

Purchase yards of Beaded Floral with Hummingbirds.  It will go to your shopping cart.  Look for buttons to view your shopping cart throughout this page.  Happy shopping!

Beaded Floral with Strawberries Blue

Beaded Floral with Strawberries Purple

Beaded Floral with Strawberries Yellow

Beaded Floral with Strawberries Moosehide

Beaded Floral with Strawberries Black

Beaded Floral with Strawberries Turquoise

Beaded Floral with Strawberries Pink

Purchase Beaded Floral with Strawberries.  It will go to your shopping cart.  Can use View Cart button or click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner.

Beaded Floral Yellow

Beaded Floral Turquoise

Beaded Floral Pink

Beaded Floral Purple

Beaded Floral Moosehide

Beaded Floral Black

Buy Beaded Floral fabrics.

You are on a roll.  Look at our blenders for coordinating textures to go with these.

Fancy Dancer Border - Cream

Fancy Dancer Border - Blue

Fancy Dancer Border - Black

Fancy Shawl All Over Blue

Woodland Floral Cream

Woodland Floral Yellow

Buy Ojibwe artist, Daniel Ramirez' fabrics.  

Woodland Beadwork Digital Print Blue

Woodland Beadwork Digital Print Pink

Woodland Beadwork Digital Print Moosehide

Buy digital prints of woodland beadwork fabrics.  

Painted Turtles All Over


Painted Turtle Border Stripes Orange

Painted Turtles All Over


Painted Turtle Border Stripes Black

Painted Turtles All Over


Painted Turtle Border Stripes


Beaded Turtles



Ribbon by-the-yard


We carry 5/8" and 1-1/2" widths.  Some colors not available in both widths.

Buy 5/8" width $0.30/yd

Select yardage and color below

Buy 1-1/2" width $0.40/yd

Select yardage and color below