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Women and Girls

Since we have a quilt shop, our fabrics change regularly.  When you see the style you want, contact us and tell us what colors you want.  We will send you pictures of the current fabrics for you to choose from.  

Everyday Eye-catchers

Step out, step up.  Be comfy. Be noticed.  Smile and say 'thank you' 

  • Ribbon skirts
  • Jackets and coats
  • Accessories

Gorgeous Glam

Get something unique.  Statement pieces that will have people buzzing about you.

  • Separates
  • Dresses
  • Outerwear

Native Necessities

Faye has been making outfits for 40 years.  Naqua and Bin have made stunning outfits for dancers and we can make matching sets for those family photos!

  • Longhouse Outfits
  • Pow Wow Regalia
  • Bulk Giveaway Gifts


A Turquoise Winter Car Coat with Pockets and Button Closures


B Tan Winter Car Coat with Pockets and Button Closures



Available in Turquoise, Tan and Black geometric prints


Ribbon Skirts and Dresses

New Items Available Now

A Limited Edition Ribbon Skirt

Maxi 28" length

Includes matching mask


B Blue with bold ribbons and Hummingbird border

Maxi length 35" 

Includes matching mask


Custom Order Yours Today

Standard Ribbon Skirt

One fabric, ribbons straight across bottom.  Standard length or maxi. 

Add some applique to your ribbon skirt.  Prices vary by size of applique and length of skirt.

special occasion

Woven ribbon is our specialty.  Faye has been doing this for over 40 years.  Shquanebin and Naqua create beautiful patterns.  This one is a limited edition of Bin's.

Native Necessities

Longhouse outfits.  We make 3 styles.  Traditional shown above has loose fit, optional collar and snaps up the front.  Contemporary style if fitted bodice, zipper up the back, no collar.  Smoke Dance style is fitted bodice, zipper on back and full flare skirt.

Skirt and Leggings set.  Available in black, navy.  Other colors as requested.  Choose twill or sportswear fabric.

Pow wow regalia, extra touches matter.  Dress your group in style.  Mother daughter sets.

We make these to show our support for MMIW awareness.  Fabrics vary but ribbon colors and Faye's original stitching design, Sisterhood, are standard.  This one shows the optional additional applique of one of the women.

A portion of sales is donated to local women's workshops and retreats.  List of donations will be posted on this website.